About us

We are a handful of enthusiastic employees who aim to improve our customers' goal achievement, their reputation in the market and last but not least their financial results.

We work towards both the private and public sectors, all the time with improvement in mind.

SeaSpection has experience from the Armed Forces (Coast Guard and the Army), oil and gas, electrical / automation, marketing and B2B sales.

We possess the following expertise

  •        Project
  •        Supply chain management
  •        Marketing
  •        Elektro
  •        Automation
  •        Digital technology and system understanding
  •        Optimizing operations
  •        Negotiations
  •        ROV and diving


What do we stand for 
We must be innovative while being solid, we will find new solutions for you and still focus on reliability.

We need to be your supporter and partner so that you can reach your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

You should feel that you know us and not least that you can trust us - always!


Our goal
We always strive to improve our routines, our service and our health, environmental and safety standards. 
ISO 9001-2015 is our goal.

All this we do to provide you with an ever better service - in all areas.

We should not take shortcuts and we should be trusting.

Our goals are set out in our business plan, they are measurable and they are communicated in our organization.

We know that returning customers are proof that we are succeeding in our strategy - but that gives no reason to stop our constant efforts for improvement.


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