Diver Navigators

Blueprint Diver Navigation

Blueprint Subsea manufacture and sell a range of navigation consoles for search-and-rescue, Naval and EOD divers.

Features of the range include...

  • Forward Looking Sonar
  • DVL Dead-Reckoning Navigation
  • GPS/GNSS Navigation Float
  • Depth, Heading, Attitude & Immersion Sensors
  • Logging of Sonar, Navigation & Dive Data
  • S57/S63 Charting

Under Construction

Blueprint Subsea manufacture a range of handheld underwater navigation aids to assist search-and-rescue, commercial and naval divers locate and identify objects on the seabed.

Artemis incorporates a forward looking sonar that helps the diver locate and identify targets up to 75m away even in the murkiest of waters.

Prior to a dive, the NavPoint software is used to create a "Mission" file that is downloaded via the USB interface into Artemis's internal memory.

The Artemis user interface introduces many innovative features designed by divers for divers, that make Artemis simple to use and complex tasks easy to perform.

NavPoint is a PC Windows software application used pre-dive to create navigation 'Mission' files, and post-dive to review the 'Dive-Log' sonar data.

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