Oceanus Hybrid

Offering commercial grade performance in a cost-efficient package, the Hybrid class is loaded with features.

System Overview
Designed, engineered and manufactured on-site, the inspection class Oceanus Hybrid is built tough to perform in harsh marine environments. With a top speed of 5 knots, and the ability to dive to a maximum of 100 m (328 ft), the Oceanus Hybrid is well-suited for marine sector industries that typically rely upon dive teams to conduct environmental assessments and inspection missions. With a total shipping weight of approximately 44.0 kg (97 lbs), the Oceanus Hybrid  is a portable option that is easily transported and operated by one person. Constructed of marine-grade materials, each ROV is hand-assembled and rigorously tested before delivery, and each system backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty.

MarineNav offers an optional DC power input feature allowing operation where AC power is not available.

Standard features include:

  • LATERAL ROV MOVEMENT AXIS STANDARD - Unparalleled control system and superior thruster performance delivers fully vectorized ROV maneuverability.
  • ENHANCED STABILITY FUNCTIONS - controlling ROV in harsh conditions remains consistently easy.
  • OCEANUS HAND CONTROLLER - Constructed of marine-grade aluminum with 12 integrated function keys and a hall-effect joystick that control important ROV functions.
  • ONE-TOUCH VIDEO FUNCTION WITH OVERLAY FEATURE - simple one-touch video record function with opportunity to add custom title overlay during recording. 
  • 1080P HD VIDEO - high definition camera with +/- 180° tilt functionality provides stunning image captures.  Demonstration video.
  • 250GB SOLID STATE DRIVE TOPSIDE - large topside data storage device stores hours of content.
  • TOUCH-SENSITIVE USER INTERFACE - touch-sensitive commands that offer all ROV functions in a series of clear, easily viewed modules. Touch to engage function, enlarge module for precise function adjustment.  Demonstration video.
  • ON-BOARD HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERY - The Hybrid's on-board high performance battery powers ROV, providing quick set-up and operation.
  • 15 LB LIFT CAPACITY - powerful thrusters and standard marine-grade float block provide exceptional lift capabilities.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - MarineNav's Peace of Mind Guarantee and 2 year limited warranty provide extended coverage on your purchase. 

Oceanus Hybrid ROV system

Hybrid ROV

Weighing only 17.46 kg (38.5 lbs) and powered by an on-board DC battery delivering up to 8 hours use before a charge, the Oceanus Hybrid ROV is a rugged, portable ROV option. Six vectorized thrusters (capable of delivering sustained lateral movement) provides powerful thrust, and an internal front camera system captures stunning full HD 1080P streaming video. A one-touch video record function with overlay feature and two front-facing 1500 lumen lights enables users the ability to capture brilliant video without interruption of piloting the ROV system.

Oceanus Hybrid - six powerful vectorized thrusters

Oceanus Topside Control Case
Weighing 9.53 kg (21 lbs), the topside control case is a rugged, self-contained, waterproof case that serves as the operational hub of the Oceanus Hybrid ROV system. A built-in control console provides access to AC power connections, tether connections, two USB ports, and one auxillary port.

The primary sunlight-readable, splash-resistant 12-inch display displays video feed captured by the ROVs on-board camera system that is easily viewable in any light condition. A secondary 10.1-inch TFT touch active matrix display is dedicated to MarineNav's proprietary touch-activated Flight Control Software, where all critical ROV readings are accessed, and adjustments made by a simple touch. A generous 250 GB Solid State Drive is built into the topside case, enabling storage of hours of captured video.

Click here for MarineNav Oceannus FC Software Demo

Flight Control Software

Oceanus Hand Controller

The third module of the Hybrid system is a hand-held joystick controller that is fully-integrated to function with the topside Flight Control Software. The Oceanus joystick is a 3-axis controller featuring Hall-effect technologies providing trouble-free control of ROV motion.

Directional joystick movements provide forward or rear thruster thrust, lateral left, or lateral right movement. The joystick head controls ROV left and right turn commands. A side-mount dial controls the rate of ROV ascent and descent, while twelve controller buttons provide easy access to frequently used ROV functions, also accessed through the Flight Control Software.

Oceanus Hand controller - configured for use with the Oceanus Hybrid ROV system


ROV Size:  575, 410, 283 mm
ROV Weight:  17.7 kg
Topside Unit Weight:  11.3 kg
Maximum Speed:  5 knop
Depth Rating 100 m

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