Oceanus Pro ROV systems

Mission ready ROVs with a wide range of available attachment options. Suited for deep-dive missions, recovery, defense, scientific research, and complex inspection tasks.

System Overview

An mission-ready inspection-class ROV system that can be deployed and operated by one person. Widely used to perform demanding vessel and structural inspections, the Oceanus Pro receives power over tether and has been independently certified to operate to a maximum standard depth of 305 m (1000 ft.), an optional system upgrade allows dives to a maximum depth of 400 m (1312 ft.)

Six thrusters provide power to generate top speeds of  up to 6 knots, and vectorized thruster design delivers superior ROV maneuverability with lateral axis ROV movement as a standard feature. Designed to accept a wide range of MarineNav bespoke attachments, and popular brand-name third party attachments (including sonar systems), the Oceanus Pro is an ideal solution for marine sectors requiring ROVs to conduct diver support, border protection, port security, evidence location, search and rescue, and recovery duties.

Standard features include:

  • LATERAL ROV MOVEMENT AXIS STANDARD - Unparalleled control system and superior thruster performance delivers fully vectorized ROV maneuverability
  • POWER OVER TETHER - Virtually unlimited dive times
  • HIGH OUTPUT SUBMERSIBLE - With speeds of 6 knots
  • DEPTH RATING OF 305m (1000 ft) - Optional system upgrade to a maximum depth of 400 m (1312 ft.)
  • ROV WEIGHT OF 17.91 kg (39.5 lbs) - Easily deployed by one person
  • OCEANUS MULTI-PORT - MarineNav’s Oceanus Multi-Port communication system allows rapid integration of third-party accessories, software and external processors
  • 1080P HD VIDEO - high definition camera with +/- 180° tilt functionality provides stunning image captures  Demonstration video
  • 500GB SOLID STATE DRIVE TOPSIDE - large topside data storage device stores hours of content
  • TOUCH-SENSITIVE USER INTERFACE - touch-sensitive commands that offer all ROV functions in a series of clear, easily viewed modules. Touch to engage function, enlarge module for precise function adjustment  Demonstration video
  • RECONFIGURED OCEANUS HAND CONTROLLER - Constructed of marine-grade aluminum with 12 integrated function keys and a hall-effect joystick reconfigured to control enhanced ROV functions offered with the Pro class ROV system
  • OPTIONAL MARINENAV FLEET MANAGEMENT SUITE - monitors status and health of the ROV remotely for full asset management of one or multiple systems
  • WIRELESS BROADCASTING FEATURE - Allows operator screen sharing to multiple parties
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - MarineNav's Peace of Mind Guarantee and 2 year limited warranty provide extended coverage on your purchase 

Oceanus Pro ROV system

Oceanus Pro ROV

Designed, engineered, and manufactured on-site, MarineNav's Oceanus Pro ROV weighs only 17.91 kg (39.5 lbs) and measures 605 mm (23.82") in length. The Pro is a rugged, portable ROV with core construction of marine-grade aluminum (an optional upgrade of anodized marine-grade aluminum is available). The ROV can be piloted in fresh or salt water, 0-50°C (32-122° F) and is easily deployed and operated by one person. The Oceanus Pro has been independently certified to operate to a maximum standard depth of 305 m (1000 ft.), and an optional system upgrade allows dives to a maximum depth of 400 m (1312 ft.) 

Six vectorized thrusters provide powerful thrust performance delivering top speeds of up to 6 knots, with the ROV capable of full depth, horizontal and lateral movement (Auto depth, heading hold and ROV stabalize modes are standard features). A full HD 1080p internal front camera with camera tilt of +/- 180° pitch (vertical rotation), and a one-touch video record function with overlay feature and four front-facing 1500 Lumen lights ensures the ability to capture brilliant video without interruption of piloting the ROV system.

Oceanus Pro Topside Control Case

The second component of the Oceanus Pro ROV system is the topside control case. The topside control case is a rugged, self-contained, waterproof case that serves as the operational hub of the Oceanus Pro ROV system. Weighing 18.6 kg (41.0 lbs) the Oceanus Pro topside case powers up and is fully operational in less than 60 seconds and features a built-in control console with access to AC power connection, tether connection and two USB ports. Built-in safety features include a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) / Circuit Breaker and Isometer. 

The topside control case features two displays, a primary 1600 nits sunlight-readable, splash-resistant 15-inch monitor displays video feed that is viewable in any light condition (optional upgrade to 2000 nits brightness). The secondary 10.1 inch TFT touch active matrix display is dedicated to MarineNav's proprietary touch-activated Flight Control Software, where all critical ROV readings are accessed, and ROV functions can be controlled by simple touch command. 

A generous 500 GB Solid State Drive is built into the topside case, enabling storage of hours of captured video and built-in HDMI video output offers the convenience of sharing streaming data to an external monitor. The Oceanus Pro's standard wireless feature allows for the broadcast of video to multiple devices simultaneously via integrated antenna. Broadcast to remote web enabled device via a simple to use interface. 

Oceanus Pro ROV 15" topside control case

Oceanus Pro Hand Controller

The third module of the Hybrid system is a hand-held joystick controller that is fully-integrated to function with the topside's Flight Control Software. The Oceanus joystick is a 3-axis hand controller featuring Hall-effect technologies providing trouble-free control of ROV motion. 

Directional joystick movements provide forward or rear thruster thrust, lateral left, or lateral right movement. The joystick head controls ROV left and right turn commands. A side-mount dial controls the rate of ROV ascent and descent, while twelve controller buttons provide easy access to frequently used ROV functions, also accessed through the Flight Control Software. 

Oceanus Hand controller (v2)


ROV Size:  605, 418, 279 mm
ROV Weight:  17.91 kg
Topside Unit Weight:  18.05 kg
Maximum Speed 6 knop
Depth Rating 305 m

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