ROV Systems

The MarineNav Advantage

Most ROV systems require expensive gaskets, parts that have a limited service life, extensive service, maintenance or repairs that are both time consuming and require significant knowledge. Factors that may create limitations for the user's enjoyment of the product.

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Since 2005, MarineNav has become a preferred global supplier of advanced and robust marine electronic systems. At the launch of the Oceanus series, MarineNav has developed an ROV system that meets the same robust principles for products to be used under demanding conditions, and at the same time meets the weaknesses seen on other products within this product group. When the vast majority of parts are produced internally, MarineNav maintains superior quality control and focus on details that together support MarineNav's guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Our smallest and most affordable ROV-system to date. The Mini Lite is delivered with a topside consisting of a built in tablet, which can easily be romved when in use. The Oceanus Mini Lite ROV can also be used together with Mini / Pro topside.


A robust and efficient ROV that gets power through cable, has 6 vectorized thrusters, Full HD camera, HDMi output and WiFi Video Broadcast.


A professional model with equipment you will not find on other ROV systems in the inspection class. This includes vectorization, iP65, day-light screens and you only need to press 1 button to start recording.


A real professional workhorse with a lot of power, vectorized thrusters, full HD camera and a depth rating of 305 meters.


MarineNav’s Oceanus Ultimate ROV system features a unique eight vectorized thruster configuration enabling a range of motion rarely seen in ROV systems including sustained submersible pitch and roll maneuverability.


SeaSpection aims to be able to offer additional equipment taken from the top shelf where quality and functionality are in focus. This applies regardless of the type of accessory we are talking about.

Ease of use we believe is the key to success and we therefore emphasize this.

The selection will be expanded gradually, not least based on input from our customers and what they need.


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