Oceanus Ultimate

System Overview 

MarineNav’s Oceanus Ultimate ROV system features a unique eight vectorized thruster configuration enabling a range of motion rarely seen in ROV systems including sustained submersible pitch and roll maneuverability. Pitching the nose of the ROV forward or back greatly enhances the ROVs ability to effectively use onboard camera systems, manipulator arms, sonar systems, and other attachments, and roll maneuverability allows for effective navigating of restrictive areas and Auto Stabilize functionality locks the ROVs current position when optimum ROV positioning is critical during dive missions.

Built-in ROV autopilot feature follows presets vector-based mapping waypoints measured against collected DVL data. Developed for semi-autonomous ROV flight, the standard autopilot feature incorporates complex GPS and DVL technologies with a simple vector-based mapping interface to create ROV flight missions that are faithfully executed by the ROV system.

Standard features include:

  • FULLY VECTORIZED THRUSTER DESIGN - 8 thruster fully vectored design provides six degrees of movement.
  • FULL PITCH AND ROLL CONTROL - MarineNav's Oceanus Joystick controls all directional movements of the ROV including sustained lateral movement and sustained pitch and roll manueverability.
  • TWO HD 1080P HD CAMERAS - Front and rear facing 1080P HD camera systems. Toggle contol from front to rear view cameras with simple touch commands via the topside Flight Control Software.
  • 6 x 1500 LUMEN LIGHTS - The Oceanus Ultimate features four front-facing 1500 Lumen lights and two rear-facing 1500 Lumen lights. Control brightness of lights via the topside Flight Control Software.
  • DVL INTEGRATION - allows position hold and semi autonomous use.
  • WIDE SCREEN VIDEO DISPLAY - 18.5" TFT active matrix panel standard topside feature.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - MarineNav's Peace of Mind Guarantee and 2 year limited warranty provide extended coverage on your purchase.

Wind, weather, and water currents require ROV systems capable of controlled maneuverability. Powered by eight powerful vectorized thrusters and featuring built-in DVL and GPS technologies, MarineNav’s Oceanus Ultimate ROV system is an ideal ROV solution for your marine-sector industry.

ROV Hold captures ROV depth and ROV heading data in conjunction with DVL and GPS technologies to maintain precise ROV positioning, even against strong currents. Visit our website or speak to a MarineNav representative about the Oceanus Ultimate ROV system or any other of our product offerings.


ROV Size:  770, 465, 280 mm
ROV Weight:  24.95 kg
Topside Unit Weight:  19.96 kg
Maximum Speed 4 knop
Depth Rating 305 m

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