M750d Dual-Frequency Multibeam Sonar

The Oculus M-series multibeam sonars are a new generation of imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications. Their small form factor makes them ideally suited for deployment onto micro sized platforms, while their rugged construction also makes them an excellent choice for larger work-class vehicles and subsea infrastructure.

The Oculus M750d is a general purpose dual-frequency sonar offering up to 120 metre range capability at 750kHz, and 40 metre at 1.2MHz, with 130° and 70° horizontal fields of view respectively. With a weight in water of less than 400g, power consumption starting from 15 Watts (up to 35W) and options for 100-BaseT or 2-wire DSL high-speed communications, the M750d is ideal for mounting on small platforms, work-class ROV's or sub-sea infrastructure to provide navigation and high resolution imagery for near field target identification.

Imagery, 750kHz LF Mode and Imagery, 1.2MHz HF Mode

Toyota RAV4 4x4 Car
Fish Swimming Over A Skip
Boat Hulls
Detailed Fish
Cable Following with an SMD Quantum ROV


Dimensions:  125, 122, 62 mm
Weight in air:  980 g
Weight in fresh water:  360 g
Depth Rating:  300 m
Maximum Range:  120 m

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