Positioning System

SeaTrac USBL and Data Modems

SeaTrac Micro-USBL tracking and data modems are built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme, these multi-purpose acoustic transponder beacons are capable of simultaneously tracking asset positions and undertaking bi-directional data exchange.

For data exchange, remote telemetry, positioning or underwater navigation, our range of SeaTrac acoustic beacons provide a cost effective solution.

SeaTrac beacons use robust spread-spectrum acoustic communications and the latest advances in low-cost high-speed signal processing to deviler outstanding performance in a small form factor.

Piloting ROV's to waypoints, tracking the progress of AUV's and monitoring Divers is made simple the interactive and customisable displays of the SeaTrac PinPoint software application.

The simple and feature rich ASCII serial command interface of SeaTrac Beacons makes them ideal for OEM's, Academics and Developers to quickly integrate into their own applications.

We also offer a wide range of accessories that can be used with systems delivered from us. All accessories can be integrated so that it has a long life.

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