SeaSpection is happy to present our new and extended product range which includes

  • ROVs, marine displays, computers and fleet management systems produced by MarineNav Ltd in Canada.
  • Sonars, positioning systems and diving related electronic gear delivered by Blueprint Design Engineering Ltd (Blueprint SubSea).
  • Manipulators (gripper) and related products produced by The blueprint Laboratory Ltd (BlueprintLab).
  • A series of different drop camera systems

The MarineNav Advantage

Most ROV systems require expensive gaskets, parts that have a planned, limited service life, extensive service, maintenance or repairs that are both time consuming and require considerable knowledge.


Oculus Multibeam Sonars

Single and Dual frequency sonar
Blueprint has developed the Oculus Multibeam sonar to fit most subsea systems from small micro ROVs to work class ROVs.


StarFish Sidescan Sonars

Sidescan sonar is particularly suitable for shallow water, is easy to transport and the portable tow sonar is less than 40 cm long, using the latest advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology to produce spectacular images of the seabed.

Blueprint SeaTrac USBL

The SeaTrac Micro-USBL tracking and data modems are built around a robust broadband spread signaling program. These multifunctional acoustic transponder beacons are capable of simultaneously tracking activity positions and performing two-way data exchange.


Blueprint Diver Navigation Artemis

Diving consoles that combine sensors such as forward-facing sonar, DVL and GPS navigation that are suitable for use by marine mine divers, commercial divers, police and search and rescue divers who need to quickly and safely find underwater objects.

MarineNav Computers

MarineNav Leviathan and X-1 Series are selected by system integrators worldwide and are designed for commercial, industrial, hydrographic, scientific and leisure applications.


MarineNav Marine-grade Displays

Discover our line of North Atlantic tough marine displays ideal for engine management, advanced vessel Monitoring, and radar systems. MarineNav Ltd. products are available in a variety of configurations including full customization to offer the greatest flexibility and user convenience.


MarineNav Advanced Vessel Monitoring (AVM)

Ships have a number of complex systems to help them survive the harsh conditions at sea. Advanced vessel monitoring systems (AVMs) keep track of all this complicated equipment and can issue warnings or alarms to the operator when they occur.


MarineNav Fleet Management

  • Allows you to monitor an entire fleet of ships or ROVs from a remote location
  • Improve the management of large-scale operations
  • Increase the vessel's efficiency
  • Ensure efficient and safe search and rescue missions
  • Prevent engine problems and reduce maintenance costs

SeaSpections Underwater Camera System

SeaSpection is pleased to present a series of underwater cameras and underwater lights.

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