Sidescan Sonars

StarFish Sidescan Sonars

Shallow water, high specification and portable towed side-scan sonar systems with a tow body measuring less than 15 inches long, that use the latest advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology to produces spectacular images of the seabed.

StarFish side-scanning sonar systems use the latest acoustic technology and signal processing techniques bringing you high quality underwater imagery at affordable prices and in a compact and rugged package.

Find out which member of the StarFish sonar family is suitable for your needs, from the lower cost 450F series to the 990F series designed for high resolution search-and-recovery work.


StarFish sonars use the latest advances in CHIRP acoustic technology and DSP techniques to detect small closely spaced targets at far greater distances than conventional single frequency, monotonic systems.

Whatever your application, any time you require near photographic quality images of the seafloor, for work or play, in clear or low visibility waters, StarFish systems can deliver.

The intuitive StarFish Scanline software, designed for Windows operating systems, has an easy-to-use interface. With helpful Wizards to get you started, you'll be up and scanning in no time.

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