Oceanus Hybrid

Vectorized inspection ROV with 6 thrusters,100 meters depth rating, auto depth and auto heading, 1080p Full HD camera as standard, 12" screen for video and 10.1" touch screen for system information.
Full HD 1080p Video Demo

With its very low weight, it is easily launched by one person. Single function manipulator can easily be connected.

Oceanus Pro

Vectorized inspection ROV with 6 thrusters and 305 meter depth rating, auto depth and autoheading, 1080p Full HD camera, 15" video screen and 10.1" touch screen for system information.

A superior ROV system with expanded features, a greater range of available options providing increased versatility.

Oceanus Ultimate

No compromise ROV solution.



Coming Soon

Welcome to SeaSpection

SeaSpection is representing MarineNav Ltd in Norway. We are distributing ROVs, marine displays and computers to Norwegian customers. We also strive to give you the best service available.

MarineNav has a large and very resourceful development department with the latest tools available.

MarineNav Ltd is besides being known for producing advanced electronic equipments for ship control and control since 2005, for a long time delivered ROV systems.

Blueprint Subsea has since 2006 developed and produced advanced high-tech solutions for the offshore, defense, subsea and commercial markets without compromising on quality and reliability.

SeaSpection supplies the following products manufactured and supplied by BluePrint

  • Acoustic positioning - Blueprint Seatrac
  • Different types of sonars - Blueprint Oculus
  • Sidescan sonars - Blueprint Starfish
  • Diver Navigation - Blueprint Artemis

SeaSpection will continue to base its operations on the following

  • Proximity to their customers - we are here and we will be there when you need us
  • Fast and efficient service based on solid craftsmanship

Of course, SeaSpection will still perform repairs on a wide range of ROV systems.

The ROVs you buy from SeaSpection comes with

  • 1 year factory warranty which can be extended by 1 year upon product registration
  • When we take care of transport to / from us, your ROV equipment is covered by our transport insurance
  • Should the accident occur and you need a ROV while your own is in the workshop, we will be happy to help you with that.

SeaSpection can provide contact for insurance of your ROV equipment. Click on the link below and you will redirected Fender Marine who will help you with insurance. www.fender.no


We would like to mention that vital parts for MarineNav's various types of equipment are produced internally at MarineNav and not at subcontractors, which ensures good quality and availability throughout the life of the products.

MarineNav Ltd holds these certifications. Click the PDF icons
Visit https://marinenav.ca/certifications for more information.


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